1 July, 2015

Women behind the Hotel Helka

There’s a Finnish song that says there’s a woman behind everything. Maybe not quite, but there wouldn’t be Hotel Helka without the women of YWCA. And that is why Helka wants to tell what YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) is all about; what has happened during almost 120 years and what YWCA of Finland is doing nowadays.

The YWCA of Finland was founded in 1896. Over the decades the goal has been to empower girls and women and promote gender equality and ecumenism, so that human rights, welfare, safety, freedom, justice and peace could be guaranteed to all.

The building, where the Hotel Helka is located, is one of the evidence of what the YWCA women have achieved. Almost 90 years ago the main architect of the building was one of Finland’s first female architects, Olivia Mathilda “Wivi” Lönn. The building was designed to be as a place where women can live safely, either permanently or for a visit to Helsinki.

The business has been one way of financing YWCA’s operations. During the years the operation was financed for example by a bakery, subsequently Hotel Helka’s profits have been directed to YWCA’s work for girls and women. Through YWCA there’s for example extracurricular activities and camps as well support for ladies in the middle of a crisis. You can do good by using the Hotel Helka.