18 May, 2017

The Internet can provide help and support 24/7

Challenging life situation in health and life management may become hard to handle. It is important to take care of your own well-being and mental health. Participating in the net environment one can seek services such as peer support groups and online therapy.

– Network support allows access to support regardless of time and place. Terrible Moms® groups, which Hotel Helka has also supported, plans to meet also in the network, says Minna Miettinen, the project coordinator. Terrible Moms® project provides peer support and sharing of experiences for mothers of adolescent children. Terrible Mothers peer groups are coordinated by YWCA of Finland.

– Closed groups allow a confidential conversation among other members of the group. Open peer support groups may sometimes appeal to people who write inappropriate contents. Moderators of the discussion environment take care of it, but it is good for everyone to be protected by themselves.

Participating in a network group can serve as a gateway to face-to-face groups. Sharing things online and getting help from peers in the same life situation may encourage to join to a face to face group.

The network therapy services are becoming more common

Professional psychotherapeutic support is available through the web. Net therapy is a new type of online therapeutic work and it means working independently in a learning environment supported by a psychotherapist. In addition, you can participate in the virtual psychotherapy connect via the network.

HYKS Psychiatric´s Development Manager Eero-Matti Koivisto recommends seeking first medical attention, which is easily accessible or otherwise known as family doctor. The net therapy is suitable for early treatment.

– The scientific research of the effectiveness of the treatment is very convincing. Net therapy is an effective aid when it is well selected. Studies show that more than 80% of customers are satisfied with the treatment. Based on this, the depression treatment recommendation suggests net therapy for primary health care clients.

– The social welfare and healthcare register can easily review the therapist’s professional background. Psychotherapist is a protected professional title for health care. The register is maintained by Valvira, the Health and Social Welfare and Supervision Authority.

Shortcuts for help sources

For mental health problems, find help and information on HUS’s Mielenterveystalo.fi. It includes reliable and up-to-date information for mental health and substance abuse issues as well as regional and national mental health and substance abuse services. Mielenterveystalo’s online therapy is free of charge for customers.

The Finnish Mental Health Association reminds that mental health skills are useful and rewarding for development. Information and support in different situations in life: www.mielenterveysseura.fi.

Various age groups: adults, young people and children can find their own specialized web site on the web. The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare maintains Nuortennetti which encourages to speak-up: www.mll.fi/nuortennetti.

The Family Federation of Finland offers interactive support services for parents of adolescent youth: www.urpot.fi.

Information of Terrible Moms® peer groups can be found on the homepage and Facebook pages: www.kamalataidit.fi, www.facebook.com/kamalataidit.

Discussion help can be found in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland’s many forms of service: www.kirkonkeskusteluapua.fi

In Tukinet www.tukinet.fi about 50 Finnish NGOs, offer a wide variety of crisis, support and assistance services.

Wellness programs and useful games for everyday life

Pelaten osalliseks -project modernize mental health rehabilitation services by modern methods and utilize gambling and everyday enjoyment of young and young adults on the Internet. The gaming catalog combines well-being and health-related useful games, applications and wellness programs.

Headsted’s programs of anxiety, depression, sleeping problems or other mental well-being challenges are based on well-established psychology and psychotherapy methods. Programs are available to anyone on the net free of charge, only user account creation is required.

MoodGYM  This online program is designed to prevent depression. It teaches the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy that have been shown to be effective in the treatment of depression. In addition, the program illustrates the links between thoughts and emotions, treats survival of stress and termination, and teaches relaxation and meditation methods.

Mental health is health that can be strengthened.
Wellbeing is about self-care and things that give joy:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Get inspired by the new
  • Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances
  • Identify feelings
  • If in need, ask for assistance