18 January, 2016

The Gospel Latin Dance Teaches to be Merciful towards Yourself

In January women’s magazines tell us how to lose some weight and all gyms are packed. It might make you feel it’s all about pursuing the perfect body; counting calories, steps and so on. Maybe not be the most stress free thing to do, so you may want to give up before you even start.

The YWCA wants to swim against the tide. Almost ten years ago Asta Lehtimäki developed the Gospel Latin Dance (in Finnish Gospel-lattaritTM) for the local YWCA in Tampere so there would be a low threshold Christian exercise for anyone. It’s not about pursuing the perfect body, more like learning to feel good about yourself as you are – regardless what is your shape, size or age. The Gospel Latin Dance is a hearty, fun and easy way to have some exercise, but not just that: there’s also a mental and spiritual side. For example no one is allowed to criticize or compare, and the class starts and ends with a prayer. In a safe environment and through positive experiences you’re able to learn to be more merciful toward yourselves and your body.

You can enjoy the Gospel Latin Dance in several towns in Finland. In Tampere there’s even several groups, some of them specialized for example seniors or persons with reduced mobility. All the instructors perform training by the local YWCA of Tampere. For those who are interested to become instructors, there’s an instructor training a few times per year.