12 October, 2016

The Good-Enough Mother

One rainy day a few women were having coffee at YWCA of Oulu. They all chatted comfortably until one of them shared her concern:
“My daughter ran away and I don’t even know where to start look for her. This is hard!” The other women had teenage children also and they knew how life can sometimes be.
“Why don’t we have a moms group? Such peer groups where we could talk together and get support?”


This is how Terrible Moms® − peer support for mothers began.
Now Terrible Moms peer groups are coordinated by YWCA of Finland and new groups start as needed.
And there is the need! A similar peer support for moms was not available before this.


Puberty will challenge young people and adults. Disputes are often the way in which the young will detach themselves from their parents.
Independence and detachment from their parents is a prerequisite for the development of the young.


The main focus on Terrible Moms’ support groups is about dealing with themes related to parenthood and the life of women,
giving information about puberty, and encouraging mothers to share their thoughts with other women.
Peer support and discussions can bring about empowerment and new mental resources to everyday life – to be a good-enough mother.


Team YWCA & Terrible Moms