31 October, 2016

Team Helka against workplace bullying

We at Helka are tolerant people. There are, however, some things that we do not tolerate, one of them being workplace bullying.

Bullying at the workplace can stem from many issues, but none of them are ever justified in our work community. We feel that valuing diversity, respecting others and being able to listen are ways that we use to keep Helka’s work environment safe and encouraging. Unfortunately, not all of us have had the opportunity to work in safe conditions:

“In one of my previous job I felt it hard to believe that I too can be bullied. A half year of shouting, silent treatment, inappropriate commenting and threats. On many days I cried while no one was watching. I was not the only one as there was another employee in the same situation, and luckily we could talk about it together.

First I lost my good night’s sleep, and as a result of that my ability to focus and enjoy my work changed to fear and tiredness. I searched myself for the blame and I thought about what I could have said or done wrong. I read about workplace bullying online and learned about the fact that it is classified as a crime in the form of emotional violence. One day I broke down. I cried at the workplace yard and I couldn’t breathe. A colleague led me to occupational health care where I received help.

After my sick leave I made the brave decision of resigning because my trust toward my employer had crumbled. In the case of workplace bullying, the role of the company and the employer are important. The thing that in the end bothered me the most was that my work safety report was left unanswered and the occupational safety and health officer did nothing to help. Where was three-way communication when it was needed? Why was it impossible to offer me a safe work environment?

Now I have found a new, inspiring workplace where I find it easy to do my job. Like at every workplace, we at Helka have our own little problems. By discussing things through in an adult manner we guarantee a safe work environment. We value each other as wonderful individuals. At Helka it is permitted to be different, and I enjoy my time at Helka”, tells Anna, a member of Team Helka.

Why speak about workplace bullying if Helka doesn’t have any? Because the welfare of the work community is not given, but in fact we have to work towards it every day. We hope that our story inspires people to think of ways to prevent workplace bullying at other workplaces.

Wishing for happy workdays in the autumn,

Team Helka