30 June, 2016

Summer is here!

Thousands of cars crawl on the highway. It doesn’t bother me or the others in the traffic jam, because soon we´ll relax at the summer cottages. The sky is clear and evening is balmy, I wonder what the cottage yard will look like? And will the Highland cattle in the village raise their heads up from the grass when I´ll drive past them?


There are over 500 000 summer cottages in Finland and it means a huge number of nature experiences, rest and peace and quiet. Or on the other hand work, the cottage and yard are also demanding renovation and maintenance. Even if hard work is good because at that moment when I put my fingers into the soil, my mind is clear and focused.


Cottage people are clearly happy people. Outdoors will significantly reduce the amount of stress hormones. When you spend two hours in the nature it revitalizes the body’s defense mechanisms. Within three days the blood sugar levels have been restored, fatigue and a feeling of depression are reduced.


The cities offer a variety of nature experiences such as parks and trails, beaches, cliffs and others. For example, observing the forms of clouds, you can refreshen and clarify your thoughts. Place the unnecessary thoughts into fleecy clouds and let them go. Focusing in the present moment will soothe you sooner than you notice it.


Summer is a good time for loading batteries and gathering ideas. At this very moment, a YWCA employee or volunteer is probably on their way to a summer cottage, and by the end of the holiday, inspired to start the next season in their local YWCA. The important work in the worldwide movement of women and girls continues refreshed.