22 December, 2017

Responsible, caring and modern – Helka in 2018

Dear friends of Helka!

As the year changes, it gives us a fine moment to think about the future. We talked amongst ourselves about our new vision and mission during our Christmas lunch. As Helka is formed by the people working there, we would like to share our views of the future with you, our dear friends. So, what kind of a hotel does Helka want to be in 2018?

We want to continue forward with our new values. We want to make our values known and find new ways to communicate them. We are going to stay active, and we even want to create some pressure for others through our discussions. So far, we’ve been successful, and our efforts have been noticed even outside of our hotel, says our Hotel Manager Thomas.

Many of our customers are aware that Helka has been going through some renovations lately. The aim of the work has been to freshen up the look of the rooms and corridors while respecting the original and well-known style of Helka.

We are constantly making changes to our accommodations that allow guests to have a more pleasant visit. The current renovations will be finished in early 2018. We are also always updating our service models so that we can take better care of our customers. All this without unnecessary formalities, of course, says Thomas.

Our vision: the most responsible and caring, modern Finnish hotel

Helka’s new visions and missions are all about responsibility, caring and modern thinking. How did the vision and mission for 2018 come together?

The process was very natural. The current course Helka is on has slowly begun years before. The idea of responsibility and caring has built up during this time and it started a spiral of positivity. When we think with responsibility and care, we also act with responsibility and care. We have started this progress naturally, as individuals, Thomas says.

The year 2018 is busy for Helka. For example, the YWCA building that houses Helka turns 90 next in the spring.

Helka and this building go back a long way. Our vision is to be a modern Finnish hotel. To us modernity means building a better tomorrow while respecting our roots, says Thomas.

Helka’s new vision goes hand in hand with the same vision that the allowed the YWCA building to be built 90 years ago. Helka’s building was the first establishment that the Finnish women’s movement built for its activities. The house was designed by Wivi Lönn, one of the first Finnish female architects. The aim back then was to create a safe space for women coming from the rural areas, to accommodate themselves in Helsinki and help them overcome the challenges they faced. We have adapted this idea to modern times. For example, Helka represents a zone free of discrimination where everyone is welcome.

Our mission: Responsible, individualized and caring customer interactions

The new year brings not only festivities, but even bigger development plans.

Next year we will do preparations for 2019, when there will be bigger changes in Helka. We are currently investigating our chances of increasing room capacity and developing our restaurant business, Thomas says of future plans.

So, what is Helka’s customer promise for 2018?

We have done a lot of reforms in the past years, but next year our customers will see even bigger, more concrete changes. We will also of course actively continue our caring and responsible communication style and we will raise new topics for discussion. Helka will be better than ever in 2018, Thomas convinces.

We wish to all Helkas friends a happy and successful year 2018!

Team Helka