23 October, 2015

Part of Something Bigger

Just imagine: hundreds of women from around the world in the same venue. What a ripple of conversation, for the whole week – from early morning till late night.

But there was so much to talk about! These women were there for the World YWCA Council* to represent 25 million people from 120 different countries. What a group of girls and women! It’s for example about 3 million members, 20 000 local YWCAs, 24 500 employees and 96 000 volunteers. The YWCA of Finland is surely part of something bigger.

Yet the reason for YWCA isn’t about numbers. It’s about us as individuals, you and me. It’s about making a better world for us all. It’s about helping and supporting each other – and having a good time together. Here in Finland as well on the other side of the world.

Last week we were able to hear stories from different countries. Some of them were heart breaking. Too many victims of violence, too much human trafficking, too many families apart from each other… , yet so many success stories, survivals. Like that Indian woman who won the Mary Robinson prize because her work for human rights. She got AIDS from her husband and now she’s working for women with HIV and AIDS. The reason for YWCA shined through from stories we heard; we’re not just for ourselves.


*The World YWCA Council is the largest gathering of YWCA members from all around the world and it’s organised every four years. This year the World YWCA Council was held in Bangkok 11-16 October 2015.