19 May, 2016

Multiply Good with Crafts and Arts

They say knitting make you feel less stressed, but when you knit something for charity, you feel even better.

– For decades YWCA women have made all kinds of crafts and arts. Here in Oulu we have made for example Mother Teresa -blankets and UNICEF dolls for charity. We have also knitted mittens for asylum seekers and bonnets for cancer sufferers. Next year we might knit wool socks for war veterans in Oulu, tells Maarit from Oulu and continues:

– We have a special word, “a wool sock love”. With that we mean the thing what happens when you’re knitting something for someone you don’t know. You kind of knit your love into these wool socks, mittens, bonnets, and blankets. There’s something special about that feeling. That might be one of the reasons why people so love to come and knit for charity. There’s always a group of people ready to help with these kinds of projects. And its not just about knitting and charity, it is also being a part of some group. You make friends while knitting.

– It’s satisfying to know that what you do matter for someone, sometimes even more than you think. For example these tactile books are very important for children who are blind or a disabled. We donate all tactile books for Celia, a library for those who are not able to read ordinary books. We have heard children are queuing for these books for weeks, even months.

– And sometimes needles are the only language we share. We have had a multi-cultural group for more than 10 years now. That is one way to learn some Finnish and find place in this society.

Something Extra with Art

If you have noticed, there’s Aarght by Marita Kouhia Gallery at Hotel Helka. That’s because Helka wants to offer a living room for hotel guests and townies in Helsinki – be part of the town.

Women behind the paintings, Marita Kouhia, organize also changing art exhibitions at Helka.

– For me art means a lot! It has something to do with freedom, and it gives an opportunity to tell something without words, make deeper things visible and touch people; make people feel, think and talk. It’s great to be able to present different kind of art and also give opportunity for some young people to present their work as well, tells Marita.