16 November, 2015

Life As a Horrible Mother

What a day! Did my daughter talk to me at all – or was she just yelling at me? What happened to the child who used to adore me?

Life as a mother of teenager, it sure can be a rocky road to walk on. Especially nowadays when there’s so many expectations for both teenagers and parents, from so many directions. The world around us is also full of information about what kind of parent you should be. It’s challenging to keep common sense and find your own way to be a parent. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

YWCA of Finland’s Horrible Mothers (Kamalat äidit®) offers peer support for mothers of teenagers. The idea is to give support by giving information about puberty, and encouraging mothers to share their thoughts with each other.

– Through Horrible Mothers my self-confidence strengthened; I’m actually a pretty good mother. Not horrible at all. And it’s so much easier to be a parent when you understand better what your child is going through. It’s not the same as it was for me, because the time is so different now, says one of the mothers.

Horrible Mothers operates nationwide and it has been successfully running ever since 2005. Horrible Mothers is funded by YWCA of Finland, Finland’s Slot Machine Association and Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.