The history

It was the summer 1969 when Neil Armstrong set his foot on the Moon – and Hotel Helka opened its doors for the customers in Helsinki.

The hotel was founded by one of the oldest women’s organizations in Finland (YWCA of Finland). And the building, which the YWCA’s women build in the late 1920’s, offered safe place for women to live or visit. There was also YWCA’s central office, bakery, bakery shop, coffee shop and laundry and day-care centre. However, the world changed and the YWCA decided to change along with it. Hotel Helka got to conquer the building.

Over the decades there has been a large number of clients from Average Joes to public figures. And Helka has experienced a variety of things. For example, in 1983 Helka played Hotel Budapest in Gorky Park because the American film crew wasn’t able to film in the Soviet Union. And in the spring of 2015 you were able to see Helka on Finnish television when hotel celebrated name day of Helka, together with several other Helka-ladies.

For decades Hotel Helka has adapted for the demands of the time. And that’s how we’re about to continue – and so that everyone is welcome to Helka.