29 May, 2017

Helka’s Graduation Speech – Don’t get a cat just for the summer

Dear graduates!

You have your career, life and the summer ahead of you. Today, people are going to give you plenty of advice regarding the time you’re going to spend from now on. No matter what you decide to do, we have one request for you: please don’t get a cat just for the summer.

A summer cat is destined to end cold, lonely and sad. So please, don’t jeopardize a cat’s life with your actions. We truly hope that you remember at least this one advice from us while you raise a toast at your party.

Our other advice is founded in our mixed life experiences. We can’t guarantee that these tips lead you to happiness, but we hope that we can inspire, warn, guide and console you at least a little.

  • Fun is not over now. Even though the school parties are gone and your classmates are going to spread around the world, new parties and friends are waiting. Just don’t make the mistake of using the copier at the company’s Holiday party.


  • You are in no rush. You don’t have to plan your next 30 years today. J.K. Rowling was 30 years old when her first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was published. Fashion designer Vera Wang, known for her wedding dresses, opened her own store when she was 40. Actor Morgan Freeman did his first big Hollywood role when he was 50.


  • Do different lines of work if you can. You can’t find your dream job without experimenting. Work is a part of life, but don’t let work dictate your life. Aim for self-reliance, but create a large and diverse network of people around you. Give thanks to people who deserve it. The smile you create can be the most important memory you can give to another person.


  • Travel abroad, so you can grasp the diversity of our world. Travel domestically, so you can grasp how diverse our country is. Return home equipped with new ideas and new energy. Don’t complain about how it’s better somewhere else, but try to make it better where you are.


  • Always be prepared to learn something new. Now you have the knowledge you have acquired over the last years. In a decade that knowledge will unfortunately be dated. Don’t worry about it, because we all survived that as well. Ask, study, challenge, listen. Life experience can’t be acquired from a short course, but it builds up in time if you let it. You acquire life experience by traveling to exotic countries, as well as by holding your friends hand during tough times. Stay humble, but stay strong. Stay proud, but don’t get too proud. Listen to your heart.


You may forget about these tips by tomorrow, but try to remember our words regarding summer cats. Treat every living thing you meet with respect and gentleness. The world is not a fair place, and life is not always easy for anyone. So, don’t make anyone else’s life harder with your actions, but cherish the virtues, smiles and good spirits that can be found in all of us.

Congratulations to all graduates!

Team Helka