16 February, 2016

Grow Up with the Scouts

The well-known motto “be prepared” has been known in YWCA of Finland more than 100 years, for YWCA of Finland was one of those who brought scouting to Finland.

It was 1907 when Robert Baden-Powell held a camp in Brownsea Island in England. That with his book Scouting for Boys started the world known Scout movement – and the YWCA women in Finland started to talk about scouting, how it would be good for Finnish girls as well.

Scouting within YWCA of Finland started back in the 1910’s. In the beginning the aim was to raise girls to become good Christians and decent citizens. Nowadays the goal is more likely to learn to take care of yourself and society. For example all girls aged 18 carry out the Scoutmaster training and learn the necessary first aid skills.

– Scouts keeps the YWCA movement in motion; there’s always new children and young people. Scouting is also a practical way to grow up as a leader, sums up program coordinator Riitta from YWCA of Finland.

– Scouting has been part of my life ever since I was seven years old, for 14 years now.  I have found an enormous amount of new friends. And the positions of trust that I have had as scout, looks good on my CV when I apply for jobs, tells one of the scouts.

Today there are three troops within the YWCA of Finland, located in Jyväskylä (Reippaat tytöt), Tampere (Tampereen lokit), Turku (Turun Tähti-Tytöt) and Helsinki (Helsingfors KFUK/M Scouter). For girls and young women there are for example weekly gatherings as well camps, hiking and sailing trips, training, parades and different kinds of events. This summer scouts from YWCA of Finland will also participate Roihu, the summer camp of 16 000 scouts.