29 September, 2016

Good service is a combination of values and dedication

A situation in customer service is an instance where people meet, and a one that can leave behind either a good or a bad experience. This experience is what customers utilize in making a decision in the future; it determines whether they will use the services of a company again, or if they will move on to use the services of another. We here at Helka want to invest in the contacts between us and our customers. This investment is not rooted in maximizing our profits, but rather in the fact that customer service leaves both the customer and us in a better mood.

Our values greatly affect our customer service. To us values are not just a set of ideas that you print on paper and frame on the breakroom wall, but rather a way of thinking that guides everything we do. Starting from equality, these values manifest themselves in small, everyday things. For example, we always greet the customers in Finnish first, as it is impossible to guess someone’s native tongue merely by their appearance.

In addition to solid foundation of values and a good attitude, a to-be customer server in Helka needs practice. Our whole hotel staff attends customer service training triannually. In the last training session, we learned how to properly greet a customer. Body language is the key; for example, just a step towards the customer is a greeting in itself. We filmed this exercise and by watching it we realized how much of an impact can one step have in greeting a customer.

Our employees are social and relaxed people who don’t shy away from human contact. However, we understand that everyone has their own idea of good customer service. To some it means service that is as fast and efficient as possible. For those customers we are bringing a system that allows for independent check-in. Furthermore, from now on we are answering possible questions in WhatsApp so that the threshold for communication between us and our customers is as low as possible. Other customers, on the other hand, like to have conversations with our clerks about our services, design or the museums of Helsinki. Good customer service acknowledges the needs of all types people.

“I enjoy personal service. While I lived in Steglitz in Berlin, my favorite restaurant was the Mare Monte located next to my home. Better lasagne is hard to come by. It became my favorite place not only because of Garfield’s biggest treat, but also because of the hugs. Every time I entered the restaurant I encountered open arms and warm hugs. That is the atmosphere I want to bring to us at Helka”, says our hotel manager Jukka Räisänen.

We want to be a significant hotel to our customers, and we know we have achieved that when a customer returns. We welcome all to Helka, whether they want to check-in independently or with a side of hugs.


Team Helka