20 January, 2017

Does a hotel need to care about being ecological?

Is ecological thinking important to you? We at Helka think that being ecological is everyone’s responsibility. We, as a company, must also think about the effects our daily choices have on our beloved environment, as nature is already at its limits. That’s why here at Helka we have integrated environmentally friendly practices as a part of the daily functions of the hotel so that you can spend your nights here at ease.

The guests of Helka taking part in environmental development

As a hotel, we take pride in offering you the opportunity to make more ecological choices. For example, at breakfast you can choose organic and locally produced foods and drinks. We have also designed a paper bag for your room where you can dispose of all your paper waste for recycling. In addition to these and many other methods, you can make an environmental effort by, for example, turning off the lights and electronics as you leave your room, asking for the linens and the towels to be changed every three days, and taking only what you will eat on your plate at breakfast in order to minimize food waste.

“These might sound like small adjustments, but if we work together we can make a change. To provide an example, we calculated how much water could be saved in a week if every customer spends a minute less in the shower. In a week we could save 13 000 liters. In a year that makes 676 000 liters. That’s more water than in Helsinki’s Allas Sea Pool’s large pool”, says Evi, the environmental manager of the hotel.

Environmentalism at Helka

We must also do our part in the environmental effort. Here at Helka we have, among other things, an ecological recycling system and ecological sanitation methods, as well as waterless cleaning methods. When buying new products, we prefer domestic designs that can withstand time and prolonged use. Cosmetics are chosen on ethical and ecological grounds. The most important thing is, that while we are planning for revisions, we think of energy efficiency already at the planning stage in order to prevent regrets afterwards.

There are always improvements to be made

Of course there are things we could still improve at Helka. More efficient waste recycling is our next development project. There is a new experiment underway that involves the recycling of plastic packages that is still shaping up to its final form in the daily operation of our hotel and restaurant. We are also focusing on how you, as our customer, could participate in recycling even more as you are staying with us. We will gladly receive any ideas that you might have on the subject!

Team Helka