10 August, 2015

Camping – They Say It’s In Fashion

Oh, all those memories and friends we got during our summer camps as kids! But did you know that in the early 1900s YWCA of Finland was one of those who brought scouting into Finland? Ever since camps have been part of YWCA’s activity, way or another.

But camps aren’t just for the kids! Actually, a few weeks ago a Finnish magazine* wrote on their cover page that adults camps is now a trendy getaway from everyday life – the time and the place where there’s just that moment and those people. Well, our YWCA women have known that for a long time; camps are definitely not just for the kids!

In the beginning of the 1950’s YWCA of Finland bought a piece of land from Lapland, Muonio. The place was called Tunturikeimiö and it was located by the Naistenlampi (“Women’s Pond”). There YWCA built a cottage so there would be a perfect getaway for women, place to wander and ski – and have camps! The cottage, which was built by the YWCA women themselves, is still there. But not just that. Nowadays Tunturikeimiö is a small holiday resort and activity center managed by the YWCA of Finland. During the decades YWCA women have arranged camps for women, girls as well for mothers and daughters. But Tunturikeimiö isn’t just for the ladies, it’s open to anyone who want to experience the tranquility of Northern wilderness in a cozy environment.


*Me Naiset, 16.7.2015